home decor

Did you know there is an economic and ecological way to decorate your home? Discover what DIY is and begin your next project

There are many ways to make a house look like a magazine, without the need to invest so much money. This time we will talk about one of the most popular trends for decoration that you probably know, but here you can see it in detail.

What is DIY?

DIY is the abbreviation of the English expression “Do It Yourself” that translates as “do it yourself” and basically, as the name implies, it refers to doing things with our own hands, helping us with some tools.

The variety of things you can do DIY is wide, from gifts, house ornaments, party decorations and even furniture. DIY goes as far as creativity allows, therefore, observe around you what resources and materials are at your disposal and turn them into a work of art or something useful for your home.

DIY benefits

DIY has great benefits that go beyond beautifying a space, among them are:

Recycle : DIY projects can be easily carried out with recycled or reused materials. One of the funniest challenges of doing something for yourself is to get creative with the materials you will use. Therefore, you can use things that you have in your home and that you no longer use to give them new life with the project you have chosen.

Saving : recycling materials coupled with not paying someone else’s labor will help reduce the amount of money you invest to have your final product. However, keep in mind that you will have to invest time in carrying out this activity. Some projects that include painting or pasting will even require extra time, so try to be available before starting to see the results that day.

Repair : DIY is also a good option to repair broken or old things in your home, from an old table that with a touch of paint you can turn into a decorative vintage element, to restore a wooden piece of furniture. On the internet you will find many videos and DIY repair tutorials.

Materials you can recycle

You can practically make DIY projects with any material, but here are some of the most common ideas to decorate your home.

Guacales and wooden pallets

These loading tools have been a success in DIY projects, because it is wood that is used very little and can be used. In a second use it can work to make furniture, shelves and even bed bases. To get it, go to the supply center of your town or to the nearest greengrocers, those in charge usually sell them at a very low price or even give them away. You only need to clean, sand and paint them in any color you like, or varnish them to maintain a more rustic style.


We usually keep the strings or throw them away after using them, however, the number of things you can do with them to decorate your home is amazing. There are ideas for different thicknesses and lengths. The most common is to use them to line cardboard boxes or old tires and convert them into seats or containers with style. You can also use them to hang shelves or make rugs.

Clothes pegs

The tweezers have become a great ally of DIY, especially those of wood that, in addition to their versatility, offer a rustic style to the decoration. You can use them to assemble a notepad or even if you use a very resistant glue you can place them on some surface and use them to hang accessories or garments. Another idea is to paste them on some empty frame or on some wire or rope on the wall and leaning on them, hang up some photos to create novel portraits.


Many times we have clothes or sheets that we no longer use, but the fabric is in good condition. In this case you can use it to cover cushions or even redecorate other clothes, everything will depend on the amount of fabric you have.

Decorate your home just the way you like it, with less money and being friendly to the environment. Do you already have in mind what your next DIY project will be? Let’s do it!