Best Round Brush for Blowout Hair

There are many round brushes that you can buy anywhere which may probably show the volume and shine you want. And honestly, it’s a long list based on different brands, sizes, styles, and prices. I’m sure it will take a while to go through them one by one, so I’ll help you out with that. We will be looking for the best round brush that will give you those perfect and beautiful salon blowouts. Now, here are my top 4 items you can select from.

Osensia Professional Round Brush

Our first pick is the Osensia Professional Round Brush that has a ceramic barrel and a lightweight handle. There are 5 sizes (depending on hair type and hair length) to choose from, ranging from 0.75 inches to 2.5 inches and the price is from $13.99 to 19.99. Also, it was nice to know that the hair will be fairly blow dry because of the ceramic barrel and the hollow holes on it which is a big help when you are blow-drying. If you are going to use a regular closed barrel brush, it will take a while for your hair to cool down but with this, it won’t take long because of the holes. And the other thing I liked about it is the bristles are antibacterial and it says that it has ionic minerals that make your hair shinier which I love.

T3 Volume Round Brush

Second is the T3 Volume Round Brush which is also ceramic coated, also has holes and sizes from 2-3 inch. The barrel is a bit different from the first one because it has aluminium which makes it more expensive from $35-$40 but still gives that style and volume you want. Plus, the soft non-slip handle is actually a great addition to it to make sure that we’ll be able to get the style that we want. It also has a vented design and the bristles are heat resistant to help make your hair shiny and smooth. I just hoped that there are more sizes to choose from and not just 3.

Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic

The third on our list is the Olivia Garden NanoThermic Ceramic that has 8 sizes from 0.5 inch to 3.25 inch for the price of $18.95 to $34.75. They also offer a 4-piece deal for $63.75 and a kit for $52.99 so you will have many options to choose from when styling your hair. The barrel for this item is quite different because of its ceramic turbo barrel which makes the heat stay longer and it heats up fast. The holes for this item is much bigger making a better airflow and the bristles are ion charged so it helps on re-hydrating you scalp/skin. The best part I like about this product is the retractable sectioning pick which is not like the others because you can push it in when you’re not using it or pull it out.

Cricket Technique Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush

And lastly is the Cricket Technique Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush that was said to be used for years now by many professionals. The barrel of this product is actually the same with the other 3 items above because it also has holes. But unlike them, the bristles of the cricket brush have ionic and tourmaline attributes that has a very amazing effect which is helping the scalp moisturized. Plus, the static free feature of the bristles makes it much better to use, for it lessens the fly away of the hair when you are using it. Moreover, its handle is easy grip and also has a sectioning pick so it’s really remarkable even for the price range of $13.10 to $16.56.

Now you have my list to help you and give you an idea on what to choose and buy. All of the items here are wonderful, but out of all the products here my favourite is the Cricket Technique Tourmaline. It’s comfortable to hold and won’t make your hair look dull and frizzy. And it’s safe to use because it won’t damage your hair and scalp while blow drying. It’s even awesome that you can even get it on an affordable price, yet it gives you that salon blowout look you are looking for.